Мяу, высказанное словами, не есть истинное мяу.
Wei WuXian’s eyes felt so warm that he was about to tear up again. He turned around the corner when, suddenly, a shadow dressed in the sun-and-flame robes walked toward him.
With the speed of lighting, Wei WuXian had held the person down.
His left hand locked both of the person’s hands while his right closed around their neck. Lowering his voice, he threatened with the most ruthless tone that he could conjure, “Don’t make any noise! Or else I can break your neck at once!”
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The boy seemed a bit disappointed, “I… I’m Wen Ning.”
Wei WuXian frowned, “Who is Wen Ning?”
In silence, though, he thought, Who cares who he is? No matter what, he’s someone with a rank. With him in my hands, maybe I could do an exchange!
Wen Ning spoke slowly, “I… A few years ago, during the Discussion Conference at Qishan, I… I… was shooting arrows…”
Hearing how slow he was, impatience rushed up Wei WuXian. He fumed, “You what?! Are you a stutterer?!”
Wen Ning was so scared that flinched within Wei WuXian’s grip, as if wanting to roll into a ball with his hands around his head. He whispered, “Yes… Yeah.”
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